10 reasons why you must visit Sharjah’s E88 Market before January 4th!

Celebrate being in the outdoors this winter with the second edition of E88 Market now open at the sprawling grounds of Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre (JRCC) in Sharjah. There is something here for everyone, no matter what your age. From hands-on activities to live music, food trucks, circus acts, and cookery competitions. This family-friendly event is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the company of loved ones from 4 pm to 11 pm until January 4, 2020.

Here are the top reasons why a visit to E88 Market needs to be high on your agenda this vacation season.

Music and dance performances under a spectacular winter sky

Discover the magic of the traditional stringed instrument embedded in Middle Eastern culture as Oud players take the audience on an intimate journey of the UAE’s musical heritage. Live soulful singing will accompany the traditional Emirati music that once inspired nomads and desert tribes.

Celebrate tradition and culture as performers take to the stage to showcase Dabke, a native Levantine folk dance widely performed at joyous occasions such as weddings and festivals. The lively music and rhythmic footwork will get your foot tapping!

Enjoy the spectacle of the philosophical dance tradition of tanoura, as dancers begin their slow whirls on stage, increasing their tempo in keeping with the music. In this high-energy performance, dancers maintain perfect posture and control to keep their multicoloured skirts fanned out in mid-air throughout the performance.

Cupcake and gingerbread decoration

Young bakers can take their hobby to a new level as Chef Rami Abdo Al Jibrael and Executive Sous Chef Aravinda Leelarathna from JRCC demonstrate the intricacies of creating unique and complex decorations for cupcakes and gingerbread houses. Designed for the 4 – 12 years age group, these workshops will teach key skills and techniques, enhance creativity and help participants gain mastery of working with fondant, buttercream and sugar-crafting tools.

Cookery competition

Tie up your aprons, roll up your sleeves and jump headlong into the Mystery Box live cooking competition that tests cooking skills of anyone and everyone above 18 years of age. A surprise box containing a variety of food ingredients will be offered to contestants paired up in teams of two, to create a main dish with a soup or salad of their choosing. Expect to experiment with new ingredients, flavours and techniques. Winners will walk away with unique prizes.

Arts & Craft Workshops

Using non-toxic, harmless, and perfectly safe clay, children can engage in a host of arts and crafts workshops designed to develop skills and artistic imagination in a fun and creative manner. Squishing, rolling, shaping and decorating clay, is a brilliant way to learn something new for kids of all ages. Amongst the various workshops offered include activities such as finger puppets, keychains, magnets, pen holders, pencil toppers and more.

Circus acts galore

Exciting entertainment elements that will hold the audience captive include professional fire performers skilled in a wide variety of breathtaking, fiery techniques to jugglers whose artistic skills in juggling traditional balls and clubs, and even football, are a pure delight to watch. Another enthralling visual element is the stilt walkers in stunning and colourful costumes who can traverse any ground while also performing unique acts.

Cuisine from around the world

From an array of home-grown food truckers offering sweet and savoury gastronomic delights representing local and global cuisines to little kiosks specialising in traditional fares of various cultures around the world, food lovers can enjoy delectable range to suit their palates. Alongside the E88 Café serving delectable plates of your favourite dishes, the UAE’s crowd pleasers – Doner & Gyros, Napoli Pasta, The Kitchen Corner, BurgerRito, Manga Sushi, Krush Burger, IBS Burger, Rukn Tabkh Baitna, Dukkan Batata, AlFarooj, Mami Food, Jollibee, Tareeq Al Buhaira, Crunchy Bites, The Hype Restaurant – will all be there. Tea and coffee connoisseurs can park themselves in places like Al Rawi, Rajab Karak, Shaghf, Mara Café, Hoop Desert & Shaks, Pulse Café, Attibasi Café, QSA Café, Sketch Art Café and Community Café. Especially dedicated to satisfying your sweet tooth are The Yoghurt Lab, Tuk Tuk Collage, Luqmah & Jarrah Sweets and Miral Café and Ice-cream.

Shop till you drop! 

The vast grounds of JRCC will resonate with the vibes of a lively flea market atmosphere as vendors will offer choices in a combination of home décor, fashion, jewellery, art and craft, bags, shoes and toys, and much more.  Find bargain deals or choose from unique, handmade designs in this open-air market where shopping all about the experience! Popular fashion and lifestyle labels like, Alf Hekaya Fashion, Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfume, Syoufi Oud, Shaqra Jewlery and several others are showcasing at the festival.

Live graffiti painting

Talented members of Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah (Sajaya) will share and showcase their skills as they engage with the audience through live graffiti painting. These committed local artists will transform the E88 market into a live canvas with their intricate compositions, bright colours and patterns as they offer an insight into their unique cultural influences.

Stage performances by Sharjah Youth & Sharjah Ladies Club

Sharjah Youth members will perform exciting stage shows, and young dancers from Sharjah Ladies Club (SLC)’s Collage Talent Centre will lift your spirit wit Zumba & Hip-Hop dance shows on a variety of foot-tapping numbers.

The offerings of this popular festival don’t end here. There’s lots more fun and frolic instore for your whole family at the E88 Market. So, get there and start exploring!


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