3 Most bizarre celebrity skin treatments!

Skin-care and beauty regimes play a vital role in our lives, but when it comes to celebrities, we often hear of them going to extremes to achieve their phenomenal looking skins and are known to go overboard by opting for the most bizarre routines and rituals.

Here’s taking a look at some of these celebrities and the unique and bizarre skin treatments followed by them:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian at the age of 40 has absolutely gorgeous and stunning skin. The process she goes through to achieve that is induced with needles and a lot of pain. She is famously known to indulge herself in Vampire facials. This treatment is painful, but leaves your skin looking younger and wrinkle free. This treatment involves drawing blood out of one’s arm and separating plasma from it. The later stage includes putting that back to one’s face to achieve that unblemished look.

Victoria Beckham

An iconic all rounder who achieved success in every aspect of her career be it as a songwriter or a fashion designer has an interesting yet extremely bizarre skin regime to maintain her unimpaired skin. Her skin care regime has an extremely debatable ingredient which is bird poop.
Victoria Beckham is known to be a prodigious believer in traditional Geisha facials, which involves a paste made with nightingale droppings. This treatment provides her with a deep cleansing of her face, but is very peculiar.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Another famous face that indulges herself in a painful yet helpful ritual is Gwyneth Paltrow, she is known to live by the mantra that states ‘no pain-no gain’. She opts for a bee-sting facial on a regular base which does have advantages such as reducing inflammation and scarring, but is it worth the bee-sting pain.


Contributed by Dhara Shah


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