5 Beauty benefits of Olives!

As delicious as olives are, they are remarkably useful as well. Organic or processed, these little fruits, can be very helpful in our daily routine. Let’s see five beauty benefits of olives.

Olives provide moisture to the skin and keeps it soft and fresh. Using products with olives in them is always recommended.

Anti aging
Olive is an anti aging agent. When olive oil is applied on your skin before bed every night, it fights wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin.

Reduces Acne
Olives are great for fighting against breakouts. They give your skin the nutrients and moisture it needs .

Anti-inflammatory properties
Olives contain anti-inflammatory properties and protects skin from rashes as well as redness. they can also be used as aftershave.

Conditions hair
Shampoos or hair masks with olives in them keep your hair healthy and damage free. They condition your scalp and hair and helps them be strong and shiney.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)

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