5 Beauty myths to debunk this Summer

There are several fallacies that revolve around beauty and skincare, while the facts speak otherwise. It’s time to learn about these truths and educate ourselves as to what fits our skin the best rather than following a blind eye. Let’s clear some age old rumors and throw light on the facts!

Myth 1 : Sunscreen is not needed on a cloudy day

Fact : It may excite you to skip your skincare routine just for one day but don’t let the cloudy days lure you. A sunscreen is a must for all kind of days and throughout the year. The UV rays penetrate your skin and cause damage irrespective of it being a sunny or cloudy day. 

Myth 2 : Keep washing your face in summer

Fact : Another common myth many of us have believed over the years is to keep washing your face at regular intervals to remove dirt and look fresh. While the removing dirt part is true but washing it often doesn’t necessarily make you fresh as it takes away all the natural moisture allowing dry skin to make it’s way through.

Myth 3 : Lips don’t require sunscreen

Fact : Ofcourse they do! As much as our face needs protection, our lips need them too. Sunburns on lips can even lead to lip diseases if left unattended. To your solution, there are several lip balms available in the market with SPF.

Myth 4 : If your skin is oily, you don’t need a sunscreen 

Fact : False! Every skin type be dry, super dry or oily require sunscreen. Sunscreens not just protect the natural oils but also helps improve your skin texture.

Myth 5 : Higher the SPF, the better it is

Fact : Higher SPF doesn’t mean higher protection from UV radiation. It’s a false sense of validation that many of us tend to believe. All the ranges of SPF more or less blocks the same degree of radiation.

How many beauty myths have we busted for u?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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