5 Brow styles for a perfect new look!

Eyebrows are the unsung heroes of a make-up look. With a whole year of being at home, many of us have embraced the natural brows. Like messy hair buns and sweatpants that made it public this year, unfiltered easy maintenance eyebrows is the brand new trend added to this list. What are the new brow shapes that’s entered the beauty league? Let’s take a look!

—All-Natural Brows
Post the pandemic we are all a little dulled without our usual salon visits. Unshaped brows has been our default look for a while now and the beauty enthusiasts have decided to keep it. Undone brows are effortless and you can pull it off with a minimal make-up look.

— Fluffy Brows
 When the brows grow in different patterns and are unruly, they are now tamed with brow lamination. They are the latest fad in the beauty world. This process gives you uniform brows which are fuller and more natural looking.

— Geo-Lift Brows
Well shaped brows arched towards the edge has been a trend from the 2000’s but whats new about geo-lift is that it retains its natural, fuller look in the front and then creates a arch towards the tail, giving your eye just the lift it needs. It strikes a balance between the done and undone brow look. 

— Straight Brows
A classic style that existed before the arches made its way. This shape is all about plucking out those extra hairs towards the end or shaving off the tail-end, giving your brow a straight lean look. This trend draws attention to your eyes as they grab all the focus. 

— Brushed-Up Brows
Seems like this trend from the previous year is here to stay. This feathered eyebrow look works best for those with bushy strands. They bring fineness and finish to your brows with a combed, soft and straightened effect, while retaining its natural shape. 

Which brow trend are you?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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