5 different ways to use a scarf

Scarves top our list of the most versatile accessories. If you know the right way to carry them and wear them, scarves definitely are going to elevate your look.
Here are 5 different ways to carry a scarf:

As a neckerchief

The winter season is arriving and this classic way to wear your scarf is never out of style, there are multiple ways in which you can wear it around your neck according to the outfit.

As a hair accessory

You can definitely in any season use your scarf as an accessory for your hair whether as a headband, headwrap or to tie your hair, scarves on your head can pump up your look.

As a jewelry

You can always use a scarf as a replacement for jewelry as it is more comfortable to carry and comes in all sorts of colors and prints.

As a top

If you know all the ways to tie a scarf around as a top, undoubtedly there will only be scarves in your wardrobe and not actual tops because that’s how easy it is to carry a scarf with all the right knots.

As an add on

If you think that your look is too basic for the occasion and adding any other accessory is going to make it look too much, you can always tie a scarf to your purse or bag, it will only add required pop and texture to your look.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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