5 Easy tips to reduce eye strain!

In a time of immense environmental pollution and digital age, our eyes take the biggest hit. Though, From eye irritation to soreness, almost everything can be taken care of in just a few easy ways.

— Sleep schedule
Fix your sleep schedule and go by it as much as you can. Having enough rest is the most important thing for all health care but most importantly for eye care.

— Cold compress
After a long day in front of screens, your eyes are strained and might start getting sore. In a case like this, make sure to cool your eyes and settle the expanded blood vessels with a cool compressor.

— Protective gear
With the amount of air and environmental pollution, it is important that your eyes are protected from the UV rays when you go out. Always make sure to have your sunnies and eye shield, in such a case.

— Avoid rubbing
When your eyes are irritable and itching due to whatever reason, never rub them too harshly. Applying too much pressure on your eyes makes them morr irritated. Instead, just splash cold water on them.

— Product check
Always check whatever products you use on your eyes and make sure they don’t have any harsh chemicals or are of an expired date. Using unhealthy products only leads to harmful consequences.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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