5 lipstick styles Bollywood actresses swear by!

A look is never complete without some color on the lips! Here are 5  lipstick styles you need to know to be ready for any sort of occasion.

Nude Lips

It’s summer and not everyone wants to have a bold look when they step out. A nude lip is perfect for a subtle brunch and will even compliment well at a party. The shades vary according to skin tone, the lighter your skin tone, the peachier the shade of lipstick. Whereas, the darker your skin tone, the warmer and brown the shade of the lipstick.

Ombre Lips

To pump up the ‘oomph’ factor in your make up, one can always opt for Ombre Lips. This style consists of a darker shade along your lip line and a lighter shade blended well in the middle. It can be created with any color as long as one is of a darker tone while the other is of a lighter one.

Gothic Lips

For the perfect Halloween look or even to make heads turn at an event or a red carpet, gothic lips are what you should aim for. This style is all about dark lips with your lipstick color being either dark blue, black or even green!

Coral Lips

For a more light yet evident lip style, one can always opt for coral lips. This style consists of lips shades ranging from a light peach to a sober orange and go with any outfit and are your perfect summer colors!

Glossy Lips

For those days where you want a more subtle look but also don’t want to look dull, glossy lips are your go-to! With a light shade of lipstick as a base and a shimmery gloss to top it off, you’re ready to step out looking your best!


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