5 Tips to keep your nails healthy and beautiful!

More often than not, nail care is something people don’t pay attention to beyond a monthly manicure. Even with manicures, it’s not easy to avoid brittle and unhealthy nails. So, here are some tips on how to obtain strong, beautiful and healthy nails!

— Trim them regularly
Letting your nails grow beyond a certain length makes them more vulnerable to damage and breakage. Trimming them regularly and neatly with a clipper, helps avoid that.

— Check your products
Avoid using harsh chemicals like nail polish, top coat or base coat etc. on your nails. Stop using Acetone on your nails altogether. They make your nails prone to yellowing.

— Don’t scrape off the nail polish
When the nail polish starts to chip, don’t wait for it to chip away completely or scarpe at it. Take a couple minutes time to get it off completely with a cotton pad soaked in remover.

— Use protective layers
If you haven’t checked your products already (which you should do immediately!) using a base coat and a top coat while applying nail poliah helps protect your nails from utter damage.

— More protective gear
Yes! You want to protect your nails from as much external damage as you can. And so, it is important to wear gloves when you’re gardening or doing your dishes. The dirt and chemicals in the soap make your nails brittle and prone to damage.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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