5 Uses of coconut oil

Coconut is said to be one of the most useful fruit. The apparent uses like coconut milk and dry coconut for food aside, coconut oil is also massively used all over the world in copious amounts when it comes to beauty products. Let’s see what some of those are!

Using moisturizers with coconut oil in them gives your skin protection from going dry and itchy. It also hydrates your skin.

Lip Balm
Lip balms with coconut oil in them give your lips a smooth texture along with softening them. It helps avoid chappef bleeding lips.

Hair Oil
Coconut oil is one of the most used hair oils world wide. It not only gives your hair lustrous shine and bounce but also keeps them healthy and prevents breakage.

While coconut oil is not directly used as an exfoliant, it definitely provides a good base for one. Just apply coconut oil on the skin before the exfoliate.

Waxing Gel
Applying a cream or gel that contains coconut oil immediately after getting your wax done helps with the inflammation and irritation on your skin. It soothes the skin and also smells so great!

So, there you have it, five uses of coconut oil. Make sure to check the ingredients section of the product on your next shopping trip!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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