5 Ways to summer-proof your hair from heat

What do we do to protect our hair from the scorching heat in summers? We make sure to use the best beauty products and the ideal sunglasses for our face but often tend to neglect the fact that our hair is also equally or more exposed to direct sunlight. Loss of natural texture and clogged hair are the most commonly faced hair problems. How about we keep a tab on our hair health too with these simple measures!

1. Deep Conditioning
As necessary as washing your hair and keeping it clean during summers is conditioning it. Nourishing it with the goodness of shea butter and avocado oil can help reinstate its moisture and provides a coating to the hair which prevents it from further damage.

2. Oil Therapy
This good old mantra for healthy hair never goes out of fashion. Our hair needs food to breathe and an oil massage can help increase blood circulation giving our hair its required nutrients. Coconut oil, Almond oil or even onion oil available in the market act as a great remedy.

3. Avoid Heat Tools
It’s an advice we hear quite often, but it needs to be prioritized during summers more than ever. By using these tools we are harming our already frizzy hair further. Let the natural summer air act as your hairdryer, it’s healthier. And who doesn’t love those high-buns!

4. Hydrate
Yes! Can you believe that having liters of water can control hair damage. Easiest method to save your hair from turning brittle and losing all its moisture. A little trim time-to-time can also help kill the weak strands.

5. Sulfate Free Shampoo
Sulfate shampoos not only strip natural oils from our hair but also leaves the scalp dry causing irritation and extreme dryness. Thinning of hair is also a common side effect of this ingredient. What ingredients should we look for in our shampoos instead? Shampoos that contain plant-based organic ingredients like essential oils and fruit extracts.

This summer season let’s take a vow to protect our hair!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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