6 Easy steps to achieve a flawlessly peachy makeup look!

If your wanting a perfect peachy, dewy and natural makeup look then we’ve got you covered.

Here are 6 quick and easy steps to achieving the perfect peachy and hydrated makeup look for you.

1. Concealer

If you’re opting for a natural peachy look then the first step to achieving it is using a concealer instead of a foundation. Concealers works best in covering up all your dark spots and leaves your skin feeling like your skin, but better.

2. Bronzer

The second step into getting your ideal peachy look is to add on your bronzer to your jaw line, forehead and cheek bones in order to define it and also to give you the slightly tanned effect.

3. Blush

One of the post important steps into achieving a peachy complexation is to add on your favorite peach tinted blush. Take your blush brush and dip it into your ideal peach tinted blush and lather it on your cheeks, nose and your eyelids to give you the sun touched peachy feel.

4. Highlighter

In order to make your skin look hydrated and healthy add on your favorite highlighter to the high points of your face namely your; cheek bones, cupids bow, brow bone and the tip of your nose.

5. Mascara

Using a mascara works best for a natural look as it perfectly accentuates your eyes without making them look over the top and excessive. So, add on any mascara of your choice to help add some extra oomph to your eyes.

6.Nude lipstick

Last, but not the least step is to add the finishing touches to your look by using any of your favorite nude lipsticks in order to add some color and life to your lips which will help compliment your look further.

Try out this 6-step guide in order to achieve a perfect yet natural looking peachy makeup look.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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