6 must-know facts about Sanjay Dutt!

Ahead of the release of the much talked about ‘Sanju’, here are six must-know facts about the actor.

First big screen appearance

Sanjay Dutt’s debut movie was ‘Rocky’ in the year 1981, but he first appeared on screen in a qawwali sequence for the film ‘Reshma aur Shera’ which starred his father, Sunil Dutt in the lead.

Younger years

Dutt was always claimed to have been spoilt by both his parents, which lead to an attitude development in his early years, seeing this Nargis Dutt sent him off to boarding school for nine years  where he completed his schooling.

Highs and lows

Sanjay Dutt became a drug addict right after his mother’s death. He delivered hits such as ‘Rocky’ and ‘Main Awaara Hoon’ but claims to have been under the influence even when on set. He once over dosed on LSD that he woke up two days later, this was when Dutt realized he cannot keep going like this and asked his father to send him to rehab.


Sunil Dutt had sent his son to rehab in Texas but Sanjay Dutt soon fled from there and begged on the streets of America just to buy a bus ticket to go see his friend in another city.  In an interview, Dutt admitted to have hidden drugs in his socks while travelling to Kashmir during the days of his addiction.

Jail Time

Sanjay Dutt first went to jail in April, 1993. He was convicted under the TADA Act and was given bail but re-sent to jail soon in December, 1995. He had been in jail thrice, seven months each, for the crime since 1993. The case re-opened in 2006 and Dutt was convicted under the same act but for a sentence of six years. Dutt would spply for bail during this term of 6 years to complete films and visit family. Due to this, he was sentenced to complete 42 more months in 2013 and was finally released for good on August 26th,2015 . he has spent an exact of 23 years in and out of jail.

Married life

He first married co-star, Richa Sharma in 1987 in New York, they had a daughter together the following year, Trishala Dutt. Due to Richa’s progressing cancer and untimely death in 1996, Dutt then married model and socialite Rhea Pillai in 1998, the marriage soon took a rocky path and ended in 2005 due to both of them having extra marital affairs. He is currently married to Manyata since 2008 and has two twins with her.



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