7 Fashion trends that have made a comeback!

Fashion is what you want it to be. In this time of fast fashion, we have been surprisingly welcoming of the decades old trends. Style choices from the 70s, 80s and 90s are coming back in the game and changing it! Let’s see the top seven fashion trends that recently made a comeback.

Flare pants
This was a major comeback from the 70s. Since the reluctant start they have come a long and have become a part of everyday fashion.

Chokers are one of the most used accessories right now, but, it wasn’t always like that! Shocking, right? They are originally from the 90s but have had a vast impact on style trends.

Corduroys were used for a lot of things back in the 70s, like jeans, jackets, purses etc. Lately, we’ve seen it return with skirts being a huge part of this trend.

Puffed sleeves
Going back a couple centuries, puffed sleeves have made a comeback from the late 1800s. Although, new and improved, they still look just as elegant.

Bum bags
You might also know them as fanny packs. Yes, it’s quite surprising that this trend is from the late 80s, isn’t it? It has made such a huge statement in the industry with its style and hands-off usefulness!

Chunky sneakers
This one is still a little hot and cold but, we for one, absolutely love them! This style of sneakers have come back from the 80s and are slowly but surely taking over the fashion world.

Round glasses
Way back from the 20s this is one of the most loved fashion trend that has comeback. From John Lennon to Harry Potter almost everyone has contributed to these chic looking vintage aviators.

Well, which retro style did you indulge into this year?

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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