7 Shows you do not want to miss out on!

It’s good to catch up on all the famous shows that you always hear being talked about but sometimes you need the satisfaction of discovering a great show that not a lot of people watch and is only special to you. It’s a different feeling to find an underrated, obscure gem and finally watch it, even though we have no idea as to why these sitcoms are not mainstream but they definitely are remarkable.

Here are 7 sitcoms that deserve a spot on any watchlist:

The Ranch

This is the show that makes you cry harder than it makes you laugh, you develop a surreal connection with characters over time. If you have ever heard ‘the older you get, the finer you become’, it is talking about Sam Elliot who plays Beau Bennett in the show and needless to say you will find Ashton Kutcher in his best element.

One Day At a Time

It is one of the most spectacular sitcoms and if you are looking something to watch with your family, this is for you. All the characters hit the perfect comic time while still being very respectful towards sensitive issues like racism, sexism, mental health etc.


A lot of times we relate to characters on an another level and think that is our story right from real life on screen and this show has all those characters. The soundtrack is enchanting and direction is brilliant. A must watch!

New Girl

The comedy is taken up to a whole new level when a girl moves in with three other men after breaking up with her boyfriend. The show is amazingly eccentric and heartening, it’s almost like finishing a book and not wanting to start another for sometime.

The Unicorn

Walton Goggins will have you impressed by his acting skills for sure and you will root for watching more of him. This single camera show is about a close knit group of friends who are helping one of them to accept the new normal in his life, the friendships portrayed in the show has very honest dynamics to them, you should definitely add this heart warming show your list.

Workin’ Moms

If you are settling in your new lives after having a baby, this show will catch you off guard often times with it’s quirky humor like no
other. It shows the struggle of women after having major changes physically, emotionally and socially. It is an interesting watch and a unique take on social reality.

Last Man Standing

This American sitcom about a marketing director taking charge of the dominated sides of family by women will entertain you and have you hooked for a while once you start. The show has kept it’s level up throughout the nine seasons!

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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