Getting a heads-up in Fashion

Who doesn’t want to feel like a Queen? While a crown isn’t much of an option, a headband surely is. A multifaceted accessory – they keep hair off your face, adorn your hair, and add up on your charming points. And there’re loads to choose from too. Let’s help you choose a perfect one:

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Sweatbands are popularly worn while playing sports or working out because as its name suggests, it keeps the sweat out of the face. It looks stylish and athletic at the same time.

Plastic Bands
Plastic Bands are usually worn by the kids. They come in various colours with different shapes and add a fun factor to accessorizing that is perfect for children.

Toothed Bands
Toothed bands are perfect for keeping the hair off your face. Bollywood actors Abhishek Bachchan, Salman Khan and John Abraham made the toothed hairband quite popular in India.

Woolen Bands
Woolen headbands are not just cool to wear, they also wrap around our heads like scarfs and keep our ears covered and warm during the winters.

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Tiaras are rings of flowers to be worn around the head. Inspired by the Greeks, this style was quite a trend some time back. In fact, people can still be spotted wearing tiaras at festivals or a beach.

Shaped Hair Bands
Headbands come in different shapes these days – Mickey Mouse ears, cat ears, devil’s horns. It’s fun and quirky and people love to wear them.

Long Fabric Bands
Long fabric headbands were quite popular among the veteran actresses who tied them near the neck. It’s still popular among those who like it old school. It’s chic and classy!

So what’s your pick going to be?

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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