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A Classy Affair

Salma Agha enthralled guests at the Eid party hosted by Dubai businessman Chaudhry Israr at the Armani Ballroom. A lawyer turned entrepreneur, he specializes in construction and allied businesses.

Abddlah abd Shahla

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Aisha and Faizan

Alina Khan,Wasim Khan and Saboomi Khan

Amir Ali Khan and Neha Khan

Amir Ali Khan,Chaudhary Israr, Razia Sultan, Neha Khan and Ghassan Anwer

Chaudhary Israr and Razia Sultana

Dr.Raza Siddiqui and Nilofer Siddiqui

Farhna Jamal and Samar Zaidi

Ghassan Anwer and Neha Khan

Hilya Khalil, Alishba Khalil, Mohammed Adil,Miral Khalil, Tahmeed Omer and Arina Khalil

Kirti Nerkar and Manju Ramanan

Manal Noor

Manal, Khurshid, Nasir and Qidsia

Manju Ramanan (Editor, Filmfare ME) hosted the event

Mina and Saeed

Muneeb Khanan and Faraz Ahmed

Natasha and Aseem

Nouree, Sheikha Fifi and Bambi

Obaid and Ghassan Anwer

Razia Sultana,Asfia Farrikh, Farrukh Shamsi and Aafreen Farrukh

Reyman, Mahtab and Ghazal

Saim Khan and Binish Khan

Salama Agha and Chaudhary Israr

Salma Agha

Samia Shah and Taha Talib

Sarah Ahmed and Sahil Khan

Sharib Ali and Nazia Rao

Syed Siddiq and Azra

Tariq Ahmed Khan and Tehseem

Yahya and Arazu

Zahra Khan,Salama Agha and Chaudhary Israr

Zainab Khan and Tabish Khan

Zara Khan

Batool Zaidi and Sadaf Khan

Shawar Khan

Shakeel Imam, Ghassan and Yousaf Raza Khan

Chaudhary Israr, Bassam Muhammad Al Falasi and Asif Khan

Natasha and Aseem Kapoor

Adil Chauhan, Ifteqar Kareem and Jamal Khan

RJ Faizan and wife

Chaudhary Ashraf Ali Khan, Advocate

Hammad Zarooni and Adil Khan

Azeem Khan, Rehmatullah Mohd. Adil, Rizwan Sheikh and Jamal Khan

Syed Mohtashim Kabir

Adil Akhtar

Farzan Ahmed, Firoz Ahmed, Chaudhary Israr and Munib Faraz

Sharon, Shireen, Neha Khan, Baby Arya, Baby Namar, Anuvir, Samia and Taha

Ghassan, Neha, Zaki, Baby Sophie, Subuhi, Taab and Obaid

Amir, Neha, Israr, Razia and Rameez

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