Ace that Monochromatic look with grace!

As the word ‘monochromatic’ suggests, mono means single and chromatic means colour! And these outfits, either of the same colour or of different shades of the same colour, paired together, are all the rage this season. Here’s a few tips on how to ace the monochromatic outfits.

— Patterns
Monochromes don’t always have to be of solid colours. No matter how chic they look, the outfits gains visual depth up with a bit of pattern.

— Texture
Monochromes with different textures gives dimension to the outfits. Some pairings you can try are wool and sequin, chiffon and denim, etc.

— Accentuate
Make sure your outfit accentuates and compliments the your body. Go with darker bottoms to flatter your body and match them with lighter tops.

— Balance
Overdoing anything might ruin the outfit. And, this applies to all styles although more to monochromatics. Find the correct balance for the colour and shades you are going with.

— Colours
Picking colours that go with your complexion and aesthetic is definitely an important step.If you’ve just started taking an interest in monochromes go with dark neutrals and earthy tones.

— Accessorise
To take your outfit up a notch, go with accessories and layers. Belts, hats, clutches or bags make the best accessories. Layers like jackets and shrugs etc. alleviate your outfits too.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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