Alok Nath gets expelled from CINTAA!

After the wave of the #MeToo campaign hit the Indian film and television industry, several people had to face the backlash of the accusations made against them. One of the biggest cases was against actor Alok Nath. He was accused of rape and harassment by director and producer Vinta Nanda. She came out with her story after a long wait of 20 years, accusing Alok Nath of rape and constant sexual harassment under intoxication. Many other women co-stars joined in to share accounts of misconduct by the actor after Nanda’s story came out, one of whom was Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan.

The Cine and TV Artistes’ Association(CINTAA) called for a meeting with the accused and the accuser but Alok Nath decided to skip the same and remained absent from any confrontation. Post this action, CINTAA released a statement expelling Alok Nath from the association which will lead to the end of the actor’s career and rightfully so.



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