Arab Fashion Week – 2020

Arab Fashion Week 2020 Highlights

Arab Fashion Week (AFW) yesterday has ended in massive success its last day for this season’s virtual edition. Broadcasted live its third day of fashion shows, beyond the shows panels and Shop the Runway generating over 5 million live views and 20 million reach only on the @arabfashioncouncil’s instagram alone. The last day highlighted some shows featuring genderless collection with strong message for peace and equality. 

B2C (clients) have been enabled to shop the runway looks simultaneously online through the Arab Fashion Week’s own e-commerce “Shop the Runway” which has fulfilled the purpose of filling the gap between the customer and the designer. 

Day three of the Arab Fashion Week 2020 has showcased 4 designers where each designer curated their own shows from different venues; featuring minimalism, factory warehouses, stables and even above the clouds ambiance.

Models on the runway from a factory warehouse during Joweh’s show, Arab Fashion Week.
Dubai, 27 June 2020. 
JOWEH – IRANThe first Iranian designer to showcase at the Arab Fashion Week, Astareh Najmeh Asadi, has showcased her contemporary genderless label with a message of peace and equality amongst genders, cultures and religions. Both men and female models walked the runway together in a live streaming from a fashion factory warehouse featuring geometric looks all in black and white which made it unique yet very simple. Joweh’s creative director background as luxury brand retailer and artist had a remarkable impact on the simplicity of the collection that carriers stories and message which easily everyone would agree on.


Gulnora Mukhedinova the founder and head designer of Baravia, an Emirati home grown fashion label, has showcased a couture collection inspired by the universe and stars which is reflected on the multicoloured rich embroidery on every piece that obviously leave everyone staring at it. Properly handcrafted couture gowns, asymmetric silhouettes and embroidered jumpsuits were the highlight of the collection not to miss mentioning some unordinary head pieces which looked like a large semi-parasol within the dress itself and some couture gowns featured a built in high neck protective masks.


The Italian Label, Behnoode, showcased at the Arab Fashion Week its Fall Winter 2020-21 menswear collection during a show in a horse stable featuring high menswear sartorial italian skills dominated with classical simple cuts of blazers and pants yet very simple with sober range of colors and printed lining and checked fabric.

“Beauty Behind The Barriers”

Behoonde’s collection explores the relationship between your external public persona versus your inner authentic self. “We live in a world dominated by power, wealth and celebrity and it’s influence can create a projection of an altered reality. This season I want to explore the valor behind the veil and the beauty behind the barriers. The authenticity of the individual soul by dissolving away the external appearance and revealing the genuine grace within” Behoonde


The Arab Fashion Week first fully Digital edition ended its last day with the Couture label Amato, which quoted by the press as one of the first UAE’s global designer brand that has earned itself an international cult by dressing many Hollywood celebrities on the major red carpet events. Amato has never disappointed its audience who longly wait to witness unique choreography and story telling shows. This season, Amato, presented at the Arab Fashion Weekits Fall Winter 2020-21 collection in a full couture collection inspired by the Chinese culture narrated in an all white environment above the clouds featuring mostly pastel colors and dominated by unique large headpieces. Obviously, Amato’s touch is always strongly present in the highly regarded craftsmanship and high attention to details.


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