Ayushmann Khurrana helps Kartik Aaryan

Couple of days ago, Kartik Aryan was in Delhi and so was Ayushmann Khuranna. The actors are well-liked by youth and both enjoy a strong female fan following. Ayushmann and Kartik, have another thing in common by dressing to impress. This time, we see that Kartik Aaryan was in a fix before the event because he could not tie a knot on his tie. But as soon as Ayushmann learnt about this, he helped Kartik Aaryan.

Yesterday, Kartik Aaryan thanked Ayushmann Khuranna on social media. He posted a picture from the event, where he was wearing a classy black suit and sunshine-yellow tie.

Kartik captioned the picture saying, “This is called Perfection Thank you @ayushmannk for tying d perfect knot”. Ayushmann was quick to reply saying, “The knot is as imperfect as I am”. Sweet bromance, sin’t it?


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