BAE or Blockbuster this V- Day? Here’s a curated list !

Valentine’s Day has always attracted an equal amount of love and hate. While some leave no stone unturned to celebrate the day, others detest from even accepting it as a concept. Amidst all the chaos dwelling in-between acceptance and denial, ZEE5 Global has its latest campaign, ‘BAE or Blockbuster’. To love or not to has always been a matter of choice, while some are happy together, others are happily single. As inner joy is all that matters, this February 14th choose your playlist as you binge watch with your partner or by yourself. So, here’s a list of ‘Bae or Blockbuster’, which has something for every heart.

If you are drowning in a pool of millenial couple problems, Comedy Couple is your jam

The Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu starrer, Comedy Couple narrates the story of a stand – up comedy couple, unable to strike a cordial balance between their personal and professional lives. The relationship issues, which they laugh off on stage, turn out to be the ones, which cripple their relationship, offstage. The life of the Gurgaon based couple takes a complete U-turn when one of their videos go viral.

If your relationship status reads ‘ It is complicated.’

Based on Durjoy Datta’s novel, ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’, the Nakul Mehta and Anya Singh starrer is a feel-good watch, breaking the clutter of nerve-racking content. The ten-episodic rom-com is based on the age-old saying, “A boy and a girl can never be friends”. While Tanie and Sumer keep fighting like there’s no tomorrow, they end-up seeking comfort in each other.

If social media is what helped you fuel your relationship, Ek Jhooti Love Story will give you the ‘feels’

Set in a middle-class Pakistani neighborhood, Ek Jhooti Love Story is a refreshing watch especially when it comes to decluttering your mind. Bored of their monotonous existence, Salma and Sohail take onto their respective social media handles as they take-off on a journey to pursue true love. As their unhealthy obsession with social networking escalates, they seemingly get more by towards the fake worlds that come along. Will they choose a life of lie or the one grounded with realities?

Filled with romance from top-to-toe and looking for something to suit your mood? Khaali Peeli is your jam

Love has a habit of coming back, however distant you might have drifted apart. Something similar happens when childhood sweethearts, Pooja and Blackie bump into each other, years after their separation. As Pooja somehow manages to escape from a brothel, she meets Blackie, a taxi driver, and the two embark on a crazy journey, filled with loads of action and drama.

How do we love someone if we can’t love our own selves first?

A hardcore believer of giving it back, just the way it is, Asim Abbasi’s Churails is a story of strength and vengeance. As four women, from different walks of life, join hands to wreck revenge on men who had made their lives miserable, the Karachi-based ZEE5 Original brings the narrative of the daily struggles faced by women, living amidst a patriarchal society. Witness four women redefining age-old definitions in their own style.

If you are a lover of courtroom dramas, Nail Polish is the one for you

While mind games have always played a pivotal role in legal thrillers, the Arjun Rampal starrer, Nail Polish takes it a notch higher with its detailed portrayal of the workings on human minds. Filled with plot twists, the story advances only to take its audience on an intriguing ride. As the story unravels, the strings entangle with one another, diving into a greater world of complexities.. Join this enthralling journey with Nail Polish.

If you are someone who loves to make the impossible, possible, Jeet Ki Zidd is for you

 Based on the inspirational story of former Indian Army Major, Deependra Singh Sengar, Jeet ki Zidd is a fictional interpretation of the endless struggles faced by the Kargil warrior. As the story seamlessly connects the fictional elements with that of the Kargil hero’s real-life struggles, the ten episodic action series stands as a proof of how passion and hard-work help in overcoming challenges. With the protagonist fiercely battling against all odds only to emerge victorious at the end.

If you are a lover of thriller dramas, Taish is what you have been looking for

Bejoy Nambiar’s Taish, dwells on the importance of anger management. Released in two different formats, the story revolves around a bunch of aggressively violent people. While Taish sets out to explore themes of rage and the quench for pointless revenge, it urges to render more importance on growing anger and curb the same from its origin. Watch the thriller drama packed with suspense to its brim.


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