Best Dressed celebs of the week!

It is almost the end of the week, and we are looking forward to the new week. The reason is this week, will be extra special as it is Diwali. There will be lots of celebrations and revelry. We are back with our best dressed celebrities of the week and we are excited to share this news with you.

Celebs stepped out looking their best in choicest of finery. Some trailer launches, promotional events and lots of festive flavor took place this week. We noticed a common trend of solid colors in sheer fabrics, some embellishments (because of diwali) and flamboyance. Let’s take you through our best-dressed list of the week…

Alia Bhatt is known for her innate fashion sense and knows exactly what suits her and doesn’t. For example, this sheer lacy outfit Alia is wearing, isn’t the dress downright magical? We love the way, Alia chose to go minimal by wearing only a pair of strappy sandals for company.

Nimrat Kaur carried herself wearing a jewel toned saree which looked absolutely stunning on her! Not only did she look like a million bucks, she was also admired by many people in public. Her necklace made a statement which added to the whole overall look.

Priyanka Chopra makes it a point every time to dress to impress and make a statement. Even though, she did have a few misses this week, her print-on-print separates made up for it. Priyanka knows how to keep it casual with some gold functional jewelry and a mini handbag. As well as, her glasses!

You may argue that, Malaika looks beautiful in any outfit. To have her dressed in pretty clothes doesn’t hurt, right? In fact we love it when the most beautiful ladies put effort into their dresses. We love the way, Malaika is rocking her pink flamboyant dress here with some sheer inlays. As well as her earrings which are all it takes to embellish.

Chitrangada is usually dressed up in casual, although when she is dressed, she goes all out. Like when she wore her olive green outfit. We liked the silhouette and the way it drapes on her. What we cannot take our eyes of are her earrings. How pretty! Also the way Chitrangada carries her entire attire which deserves a round of applause.

Stay tuned for next week’s best dressed celebs of the week!



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