Birthday Special: Rajinikanth’s 7 styles that truly make him the Thalaivar!

The man, the legend, and the idol whose every movie will have fans jump up and dance the minute he enters, Rajinikanth turns 70 today. Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, he climbed his way to the top from being a coolie to a mega superstar and now the leader of his political party, with effortless style, and charm. After 46 years in the film industry, Thalaiva will be seen on the silver screen with his movie Annaatthe soon. Since his debut in  Apoorva Raagangal in 1975, he had our hearts and ruled over the Tamil cinema. A recipient of the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and Filmfare, Rajinikanth soon came to be aptly known as Thalaivar (Boss). On his birthday, let’s take a look at 7 styles that only Rajinikanth can nail!

Rajnikanth’s Shade: 

An iconic move that started back in the 70s and 80s, when sunglasses weren’t commonplace at all, Rajini pulled off his thick glasses look that no one else could have. From Kabali, and Kaala,  to Chandramukhi and Lingaa, and so many more, Rajinikanth used the tool of sunglasses like never before to show that his character was smart and enlightened, as well as wealthy. From Sunny Leone to Bear Grylls, everyone has tried to wear sunglasses just the way Rajini does. And as one would expect, no one can do it with as much style as Thalaiva himself. 

Rajinikanth’s Shoes: 

Have you ever sat in a chair and tried to show your style by kicking your leg in the air and then crossing it? You aren’t alone. We’ve all done it and we’ve all been mesmerized each time Rajinikanth sat down on a chair and crossed his leg. A simple act with such a significant style. When Rajinikanth does this simple posture, it becomes a significant power move. 

Rajinikanth’s Bald Head: 

The title seems like it’s a bad thing, but is it? In Sivaji: The Boss, Rajinikanth sported a bald head that he regularly tapped his fingers on. Like a maestro to a piano, Rajinikanth tapped his fingers on his head with the same finesse. No matter who you are, Rajinikanth made you wonder if you should go bald as well. You could, but you’d never look as good as the Thalaiva. 

Rajinikanth’s Thundu: 

You can peacefully place your thundu (A piece of folded cloth) on your shoulder, but why would you want to? Thalaiva Rajinikanth began a trend of flipping the thundu up in the air or circling it around with his hands and having it land right on his shoulder. A move that left audiences stunned, inspired and absolutely awe-struck. 

Rajinikanth’s Lak Lak Lak: 

In 2005, Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi released. It had all the style the Thalaiva could offer, as always, with the addition of one more signature that only Rajini could do, the Lak, Lak, Lak, Lak.. A move that makes you terrified, curious and inspired to try it out. Even as you read this, your tongue wants to nail the action just like our beloved Thalaiva. Here’s the video you can watch to practice and absolutely nail the signature. Good luck!

Rajinikanth’s Fights: 

No one does and no one can fight quite like Rajinikanth. The man who can spit bullets out, use a football to defeat 5 enemies at once, use a single bullet for multiple evil men and jump through cars miles and miles away only to perfectly land like a superhero. Thalaiva’s fights have always been entertaining and so amazing that the crowds will always go wild looking at him punching the villain. 

Rajinikanth’s Salute: 

The master of flips, whether it’s his hair, sunglasses, or thundu, his signature will always have a flip. Why should his salute be any different? Much like the mysterious charm of Thalaiva, his salute exudes confidence and humility at the same time. To Thalaiva himself and all his fans, the Rajini salute is key to making a good first impression. 


We wish the mega superstar and Thalaiva, Rajinikanth a very happy birthday!


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)


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