Birthday Special: Remembering Shammi Kapoor’s most iconic performances. 

The Elvis Presley of India, Shammi Kapoor’s charisma, and his contagious head-bobbing songs shaped the intricate Hindi Cinema we see today. A winner of several Filmfare Awards, Shammi Kapoor is hailed as the most entertaining actor that Hindi cinema has ever produced. On his 89th birth anniversary, let’s take a look at his most iconic movies. 

An Evening in Paris (1967): 

A tale of romance combined with thrill in the charming city of Paris with the ever-charming Shammi Kapoor. An Evening in Paris is a cinematic classic with Shammi Kapoor’s unforgettable chemistry with Sharmila Tagore and his memorable charisma. 

Teesri Manzi (1966):

Who killed Rupa and why? Was it a suicide, or was it foul play? Shammi Kapoor’s Teesri Manzil keeps you grasped with these questions till the very end. His mischievous rockstar demeanor and an unquenchable quest for truth is a treat to watch.  

Brahmachari (1968): 

A bachelor’s pad in the most unconventional sense is what the movie Brahmachari represents. As Shammi Kapoor goes through every hurdle possible to keep a roof over the orphans in his care, his acting and his bond with each child and his co-star Rajshree will leave you with tears of joy as they navigate their way to a happy ending. For his beautiful portrayal, Shammi Kapoor was awarded the Filmfare Best Actor Award in 1968.

Andaz (1971): 

When life experiences an immeasurable loss, the absence of which is evident each day, the universe has a way of putting pieces back together. The 1971 movie Andaz is the story of a blended family who never considered that while the holes in their hearts may not be completely filled ever, they can be mended and reshaped. It teaches you to cherish each moment that life has to offer because after all, Zindagi ek safar hai suhaana. Shammi Kapoor and Hema Malini’s chemistry as they find love a second time makes for a momentous watch. 

Bluffmaster (1963): 

Only Shammi Kapoor could successfully and convincingly pull off the part of an alluring con man on his path of redemption and an honest living, only to be called the boy who cried wolf! Bluffmaster begs the question – is love medicine to dishonesty or sickness to the identity of a person? 


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)


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