‘BROW’sing for compliments!

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the path to determine the feelings. Angry? Furrowed eyebrows. Skeptical? Raise an eyebrow. Confused? Raise both eyebrows slightly. And it goes on! Since our eyebrows speak so much for us, it’s only natural that we choose a shape that suits our face types too. Here’s a celeb-guide to get those perfect brows!

Thick and curved
Deepika Padukone’s eyebrows are a highlight of her face too, apart from her beautiful eyes and that dimpled smile. Deepika is blessed with thick eyebrows – thanks to her South Indian lineage. Her face is heart-shaped so she keeps her eyebrows curved. Another example of a heart-shaped face with curved eyebrows would be Jennifer Aniston. These eyebrows, however, suit all face types.
Light and curved
Anushka Sharma’s eyebrows are light and curved. Anushka is square-faced, but as we said, the curves suit all.
Although not a lot of people like their eyebrows bushy, there’s an unsaid charm to it. It gives an earthy look! Since bushy eyebrows are more a given than a choice, any face type which has it can pull it off.
Soft Arch
A soft arch is very subtle and not out there. It suits those with softly curved faces like oval or circular. Rihanna is among the most famous people to have a soft arch.
High Arch
A high arch goes amazingly well with pouty lips. Does that remind you of someone? Yes, Kareena Kapoor Khan maintains her light eyebrows in a high arch and looks stunning. A high arch is best for squared or rectangular faces.
Thick and Straight
Straight eyebrows are not a straight line as you’d imagine but much less curved than usual and only bend a little on the sides. Think of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s stunning eyes and her perfect eyebrows. Not to forget the incredible Emilia Clarke’s ever-expressive eyebrows.
Thin and Straight
Avengers actress Gwyneth Paltrow also keeps her eyebrows straight. Her eyebrows are extremely light and often camouflage with her face. Gwyneth Paltrow either fills them up or leaves them as it is for a more natural look. Straight eyebrows go best with round and square faces.
‘S’ Shaped
The ‘S’ shaped eyebrows usually occur naturally and not so much with the help of threading. Aarya actress Sushmita Sen has beautiful ‘S’ shaped brows. We wonder if it was named after her too.
Extremely Thin
Extremely thin eyebrows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea although they were trending quite a bit a few years ago. Orange is the Black actress Laura Prepon, however, has carried on the trend because it suits her too well. The extremely thin kind of eyebrows is for anyone who is willing to risk it!
(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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