Concealer: The Friend in Need 

All friends know some of our secrets, and some friends know all of our secrets. A concealer is exactly that friend your skin needs. It helps conceal all those little blemishes that you may not want to flaunt or let anyone know about.  So, how does this friend in disguise work?

First things first
Moisturise your skin. You can use a moisturiser if you have dry skin and primer if it’s oily. Make sure to apply sunscreen if you’re venturing out during the day.

Choose the right concealer
Concealers come as pencils, potted creams, liquid, and sticks. Liquid concealers are recommended for oily skin as they help conceal pores and blemishes and make the skin flawless. For the dry skin, any kind of concealer would do.

If you have certain small spots, marks that you want to cover, use a pencil concealer since it helps target the smaller areas quite well.

Choose the right shade

It is said you should choose a concealer according to what you wish to use it for.

It is said that you can use a green-tinted shade to reduce redness. If u wish to brighten your face then a yellow-tinted concealer works best. Cover the dark spots with orange and red-hued concealers. Always choose concealers that are a shade lighter than your skin tone for dark circles.

How to apply the concealer

For a full coverage

Some of you may not want to target specific areas but only want some uniformity in your skin. For this, you have to dot the concealer all over your face and blend it gently with a beauty blender or a brush, to get that clean and even look.

For dark circles
To apply concealer under the eyes, make an inverted triangle directly under your waterline from one corner of the eye to the other. Fill in the triangle and blend it thoroughly with a beauty blender or your ring finger. Be careful not to wipe it away. Just dab! Do not make a semi-circle instead of a triangle.

For spots and blemishes
Spots, scars, and blemishes require targeted concealing. You must dot the concealer specifically over the spots, blemishes, and scars you wish to hide and blend it on that spot. Don’t spread it across, else you may lighten it. Don’t put too much to avoid a cakey look.

For the nose and the sides of the lips
Blending the edges near your nostrils and the sides of your lips is always a plus in the makeup game. The area near the nose may have blackheads, and that near the lips may have been darkened due to various reasons. Just a little dot of concealer and a good blend can instantly brighten those areas as well.

Carry on with the rest of your regime – foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick.

And you’re ready to go!
(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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