Cute stay-at-home Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and whether you are confined to your room or have a date, coming up with date ideas is proving harder than ever. Fortunately, we’ve got a list of ideas that should cover you for the upcoming day. Whether you wish to spend it with family, friends or your bae is up to you!

Go on a picnic

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If going out isn’t an option, spread a blanket and have an indoor picnic. Trust us, it’s the effort that will make all the difference from your usual take-out lunch.

Have a casino night

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Raise the stakes by ensuring the winner gets to do all of the week’s chores.

Scavenger hunt

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You can have one in the comfort of your home or outdoors, this activity is a surefire way to pass time.

4-course meal

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You’ve probably seen this trend on Tiktok, simply play a round of rock-paper-scissors for each course of the meal and the winner gets to decide what to eat.

Cook a meal together

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This can double as a virtual date too! Simply pick one dish and try it from the comforts of your home. Don’t forget to be on a video call the entire time.

Virtual Museum tour

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Noting says classy like a gallery/ museum date. Tour the Getty Museum or the Louvre virtually with your partner without having to leave the couch.

Living room karaoke

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Perfect for double dates or a night in with friends.

Game together

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You can now be together virtually while you annihilate monsters or build houses.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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