Diljit Dosanjh is now winning hearts as a chef!

Lockdown has made most of us traverse the forgotten path to our kitchens, and the stars have not been spared either. From cooking dishes to doing the dishes, our favourite celebrities have been doing it all. Meanwhile, in this Great Quarantine Cook-Off, Good Newz star Diljit Dosanjh has emerged to be quite a top cook. An anchor, singer, and an actor, he simply does not cease to surprise us with yet another talent now. Dosanjh’s Instagram Cookery show combines delectable recipes with an equal amount of humour and his fans just can’t get enough of them. Dosanjh keeps it real – unsteady mobile camera, flickering lights, and unannounced spluttering of oil from the pan – too.

What makes Dosanjh so endearing to watch is the high level of relatability he encompasses. He has no qualms in owning up to using an unwashed pan from the previous night, as many of us have been guilty of or voraciously consuming the dietary antagonist – sugar. So great is the connection with him that his discovery of readymade ginger-garlic paste on one of his cooking adventures was a moment of joy and relief for all of us watching him.

Diljit Dosanjh is not oblivious to life’s complications. Sometimes, we aim for Shakshuka Egg Zaafrani, but life gives us Anda Bhurji instead. Dosanjh does not attempt to disguise. He simply changes the name of the dish when it fails. Social distancing is maintained among the spices as the norms of the day demand. No two spices are allowed to mingle outside the pan except asafoetida and cumin, whose love-story Dosanjh is set to carve alongside Romeo and Juliet.

Humming everything from Laung Laachi to Bella Ciao, as he shares recipes from around the globe, he’s a treat to watch. His Punjabi-Hinglish commentary and quirky remarks ensure rib-tickling laughter each time he’s watched. If you are looking to de-stress, you know where to head.

Click here to check out his video.


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