Do’s and Don’ts for happy hair!

If you want healthy, shiny and soft hair, taking care of them on a regular basis is very important. We often focus on the bigger things and forget to pay attention to the smaller things that really are a cause for our hair damage. Getting perfect hair is not an overnight task but you sure can increase your odds of having healthy hair each day.

Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts to abide by:

Don’ts :

1. Don’t over wash your hair, there are no specific days that you have to skip before you wash your hair next. The trick is to figure out the optimum number of times you should wash your hair in a week before it gets greasy and oily. Keeping your scalp clean is first and foremost step towards healthy hair.

2. Don’t comb or style your hair when they are wet. You should always let your hair dry at least 90% before you comb them as it will protect your hair from falling. Also, it has to be kept in mind that you let your hair dry naturally after every hair wash and not use dryers except for when necessary.

3. Don’t tie your hair tight. Always be as gentle as possible with your hair, even when you tie them in buns or ponytails make sure that you don’t put excessive tension on hair follicles because it weakens them and stop the growth.

4. Don’t wash your hair using warm water, it causes higher chances of dry and itchy scalp.

5. Don’t forget to brush your hair regularly as it can be a very simple trick to shiny and smooth looking hair. Your hair gets messier with each passing day that you skip and not comb your hair to cause more tangles and breakage.


1. Do oil your hair regularly that is at least two hours before you wash your hair. Gently massaging your scalp with fingertips also increases the blood flow and with it comes the required nutrients to your hair roots.

2. Do get your hair trimmed from time to time. To avoid split ends and damaged hair tips, getting your hair trimmed as and when required is necessary for healthy hair growth.
3. Do protect your hair from sun. Carry a hat or scarf if you are going to stay out in sun for a longer period of time, just like your skin, sun rays are harsh for your hair too.

4. Do take care of the stressors in your life. As it is always known that hair fall and stress has a directly proportional relationship, you can notice temporary hair fall when you are stressed but it’s continuation can lead to serious hair fall issues.

5. Do read the ingredients of the products that you use. Using natural and organic shampoos is best for your hair, try to avoid chemicals as much as you can.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma) 


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