Drishyam 2 adds twists and turns to the narrative! A good watch!

Film : Drishyam 2

Star cast : Mohanlal,  Meena, Ansibla, Esther, Murali Gopi, Siddique, Asha Sarath

Written and Directed by Jeethu Joseph

Platform : Amazon Prime

Rating – 4/5

Continuing the cinematic legacy Drishyam 1 created,  Drishyam 2 makes an impression with a fresh new twist to the original story and a slew of twists and turns. Continuing from where the first case ended with the protagonist burying the body of the cop’s son Varun in the police station, this one is a realistic portrayal of what happens later. The family since then lives in constant fear of the police – with the family members having nightmares about their past and are tormented by their thoughts. George’s elder daughter Anju (Ansiba) is still recovering from the shock of the traumatic events, while the younger daughter Anu (Esther) is now a rebellious teenager. The entire family, more so his wife Rani (Meena) live in constant fear of the police.

Mohanlal  is central to the drama and to the film playing George Kutty who has now taken his love for cinema to another level.  He is now a film theatre owner and has plans to produce a movie. His every move in the film has a meaning and the audience needs to watch him carefully if they are trying to unravel what he would do ahead.

Writer /director Jithu Joseph does have the sense of no one is above the law when he starts Drishyam 2 and has several perspectives to the film – including that of an astrologer who is keen that the ashes of the deceased be immersed in water, and hence the body needs to be found.  There are direct conversations about the murder with the accused who seems to give in to pressure during the film and the audience at all times feel that George Kutty will give in.

A welcome addition in Drishyam 2 is the brilliant Murali Gopy who plays the IG reinvestigating the case. The film has its twists and turns and you can’t help marvel at George Kutty, the man who is an enigmatic figure. You wonder if  he is a scheming criminal, a  manipulative maverick, a simple man ready to protect his family at all costs or a dubious mind who likes to play with the law and thinks two steps ahead of them?

A sequel is usually compared mercilessly to its more famous original. Drishyam 2 is a continuum to the story narrated in Drishyam. While it investigates the murder and follows up the case and enforces the rule of law,  it cannot yet frame the man who outsmarts the law. He stays invincible.. How? Watch the movie on Amazon Prime today!




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