Eat Your Perfume: 5 odd beauty products you need to try!

The world of make-up can be weird, yet wonderful. From eyebrows to feet, there are solutions to problems you didn’t even know about! But roaming the aisles of beauty shops can get tedious and monotonous. So to add a little fun to your self-care routine, treat yourself with these odd beauty products:

4-in-1 Eyebrow Pen: 

Were you ever a child very excited to use your 3-in-1 coloured pens in school? Well, here’s the fashionista version of it! This eyebrow pen consists of a lighter shade and a darker shade for your eyebrows coupled with a contour pen and a highlighter. Lighten your makeup bag and get those perfect arches.

Temperature changing lipsticks: 

Ever had an argument with someone who insists it’s not too hot outside despite the obvious heat? Here’s a way to win! This temperature changing lipstick changes to a darker colour if it’s too warm and lighter if it’s cold. Let your lip colour do the arguing for you.

Face Massager: 

Apparently, massaging is not just for that one knot of pain in your neck that won’t go away. Gently massaging your face can improve blood circulation and help achieve blemish-free skin. Here’s a tool to do it perfectly.

Perfume Candy: 

If you’ve ever smelled a fragrance that was so good you could eat it, here’s a product that can actually help you. Deo Perfume Candy’s main component is rose oil, which, like garlic, can leak through your pores. Thus, making you smell better.


Exfoliating socks:

Dried heels and rough feet are a common problem. Here’s an uncommon solution to help — socks that you can peel off. Exfoliating socks are simply socks you put on over wet feet and peel off over the next five to seven days. This grossly satisfying process will leave you with baby soft feet.

So, which product would you want to try?

(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)



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