Embrace the blues: Actresses who look mesmerizing in blue

Seas, skies, and oceans. Who wouldn’t want to personify these majestic elements! Blue keeps you cool, oozes calmness, and is simply the easiest choice to make when it comes to colours. Let’s take a look at actresses who look absolutely mesmerizing in blue. 

Jessica Chastain: 

It seemed impossible, but Jessica Chastain looks more stunning than usual in this teal shade with her cutting eyes and red lip colour. 

Kriti Sanon: 

A blue sky meets the flora of the earth in Kriti Sanon’s breathtaking saree and we’re here for it!

Deepika Padukone: 

The sky is not the limit, the sky is your goal! Deepika Padukone gives us outfit envy in the comfy and casual blue two-piece outfit! 

Blake Lively: 

Only Blake Lively could make your heart skip a beat and leave you speechless, even as she’s surrounded by crowds. The Gossip Girl actress looks exquisite in her blue mid-gown that she’s perfectly paired with purple heels. 

Ananya Pandey

In a simple slip dress, in a simple cool blue, on a simple white couch, Ananya Pandey looks gracefully beautiful. 

Maybe feeling blue isn’t so bad, after all.

(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)


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