Emma Corrin embraces Princess Diana’s fashion in The Crown’s season 4!

Emma Corrin stars as Princess Diana in the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown. This role is definitely going to be a turning point in her career as everyone around the world is appreciating the perfect embodiment of Princess Diana that’s ever been done. At the same time it’s few out of every odd day that one hits the hay realizing they’re going to play one of the most iconic ladies on the planet. There’s a relentless certainty combined with a certifiable reasonableness and straightforwardness in Emma’s portrayal of Princess, from numerous points of view, much the same as Diana herself.
Emma Corrin takes us back to the time when Princess Diana’s fashion became an assertion, a voice which was very energizing. Here are five times when Emma made us realize that Princess Diana had a strong sense for fashion and style:

Red Bellville Sassoon dress

Princess Diana wore a mesmerizing red Bellville Sassoon dress to the London debut of the Bond film For Your Eyes Only which resembles the motivation for this look from The Crown which beautiful on both real and reel life Diana.

Wedding Dress

It’s the most well known dress on the planet, and we think The Crown’s variant is nearly as wonderful as the original one worn by Diana at her wedding.

Sleeveless dress with matching scarf

We believe Emma’s purple sleeveless dress with coordinating scarf has been enlivened by the staggering blue outfit that Princess Diana wore to The Cannes Film Festival and it looks absolutely beautiful!

Deep blue dress with patterned scarf

Diana wore a dark blue dress with a white-and-blue designed scarf on her engagement announcement as we love the look it shows Diana had a thing for patterns from a young age. Moreover, the Crown’s costume designers got it spot on.

Pink polka dot dress

The Crown’s Emma Corrin wears a pink spotted dress and a headpiece as she copies Princess Diana’s look during her 1983 visit through Australia while shooting season four and it’s absolutely identical!

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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