Eyeing the winged look: Tips to get it right

Yesteryear beauties and divas of today love the winged eyeliner alike. Each one strives to get the perfect wing on both eyes. While some have the prowess to do it with a minute, others can go on for hours in vain. So, what is the simple, one-shot formula for the perfect look? Well, here it is:

Dot it!
This first trick involves making dots along your lash line. Basically, you’re creating a skeleton of your winged look by making distant dots. Join the dots together and fill in the empty space. It works quite well with liquid eyeliner.

Use tape
The tape method is growing increasingly popular. What you have to do is put a tape diagonally from the outer corner of your lower lash line. Place the tape evenly on both sides and then just apply the eyeliner along with the tape. Remove the tape carefully, once the eyeliner is dry. This works best with a gel eyeliner.

Use a card
Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, anything will do for this next trick. Just place the card diagonally from the outer corner of your upper lash line, and follow the line of the card to draw your perfect wing.

Use a spoon
This one is quite similar to the card trick except for this one if for when you want a more curved look. Just place a spoon at the outer edge of the upper lash line. Make sure the hollow side of the spoon faces the eye and place the spoon just above the upper lash line.

Felt tip Liner
A felt tip liner is thin and long tipped. If you place it flat along your lash line and then curve it a little at the edge, you will have a gorgeous winged look!


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