Fitness, food and skin-care chat with Katrina Kaif

What was your most challenging role when it came to fitness?

There are two films that required me to work very hard on my physique – Tiger Zinda Hai and Dhoom 3. While Tiger Zinda Hai required me to pull off some high-octane stunts, Dhoom 3 was all about executing some difficult dance moves.

I have been doing an intensive high mix of squats, lunges, push-ups and Pilates along with strength training at the gym with my trainer and friend, Yasmin Karachiwala for Tiger Zinda Hai. For Dhoom 3, I did some rigorous workout sessions for about 10-hours a day to work on my flexibility and core strength. Apart from my regular exercises, I spent a lot of time in acrobat training.

What is your diet like these days? Do you cook?

It is important to watch what you eat. Contrary to the popular notion, I include ample carbs in my diet. I try to stay away from gluten, refined sugar and dairy products. Even now that I am at home, I am making sure that I do not binge on junk and fried food. I have a clean diet. I have begun a little bit of cooking during this lockdown. I have tried my hands at making pancakes, omelets and salad. I am slowly getting there but I know that I can be a good cook someday (laughs).

What is your skin care regime during the day and during the night?

During the day, I apply a basic moisturizer. It helps my skin stay hydrated. The secret to a good skin is drinking lots of water. I have also begun my version of an ice bucket challenge where I dunk my face in a big bowl full of ice-cold water before applying make-up. At night, I massage my face with coconut oil before washing thoroughly.




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