Flick those lashes with the perfect Mascara brush!

No glam look is ever complete without that flick of the mascara. Ask any diva and she’ll swear by the magic of the mascara! Curling away those long lashes add a completely new look taking the glam-o-meter from zero to a top ten within a minute or two. But while the mascara is a must-have beauty tool that comes in handy to add that dash of glamour, it’s equally important to know what kind of mascara brush to opt for.

Did you know that the mascara brushes are actually called ‘Spoolie Brushes’! Of course, we can rightfully call these ‘spoolies’ wands because that’s what you call sticks that create magic, isn’t it? So let’s check out the wands that best suit your lashes:

  1.  Ball-Tipped Wand
    Ball tip by Nykaa.

    A ball-tipped wand is an all-rounder in every sense of the word. A regular wand can cover only a certain area of your eye but not your ball-tip. Ball-tip travels to each and every nook and corner of your eye to make sure no lash is overlooked.

  2. Curved Wand
    Curved wand by Maybelline.

    Can you imagine having to unnecessarily invest in an eyelash curler? A curved wand saves time, money, and space in your kit. As the saying goes, it kills two birds with a stone.

  3. Straight Wand
    Straight wand by Nykaa.

Sometimes lashes need individual attention and why not? After all, they play a pivotal role in how we look. A straight wand helps achieve just that. It coats each lash individually for a better and brighter look.

  1. Bristle wand
    Bristle brush by Huda Beauty.

    It is often difficult to match the lashes with heavy make-up. The bristle wand gives density to the lashes to create an illusion of thickness.

  2. Pine Cone Wand
    Burt’s Bees Brown mascara.

    The wand is called pine cone due to its uncanny resemblance to a pine tree. With a thinner tip, it helps reach the lashes in the corner and coat them with perfection.

  3. Bottom Lash Wand
    Nyx Mascara for the bottom lash.

    It may seem unnecessary for some to have a separate spoolie for the bottom lashes, but not for the make-up enthusiasts. If flawlessness is your motto, you go get it!

  4. Rubber Wand
    Rubber Wands by Nykaa.

Longer lashes add to the magnificence of the eye. It has been desired for as long as time goes. The rubber wand helps add depth to the lashes, giving them an elongated appearance.


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