Get that flush of a blush!

It was believed that the flush of colour that the flu brings to the face and the cheeks is attractive. However, it wasn’t possible to contract the flu each time one wanted that peachy-pink glow. So, the fashion world came up with an appropriate alternative for it – the blush.

Blush has existed for as long as make-up has. No make-up is truly complete without a touch of blush along the cheekbones. But what does one do if they have run out of blush or have forgotten to carry it with them and need to plump up those cheeks!
Well, look no further. Let’s take you through some alternate means of blushing:

Pinching the cheeks
Okay, hold on! This is probably the most primitive of all means, but it works. What do you do when you want an instant flush of red and have nothing on you? Pinch or slap your cheeks a bit. (Remember the scene where Alia Bhatt pinches her cheeks right before heading out to meet Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy?) We can’t assure how long it’ll last, but this technique has been used for ages.

Lipstick is a make-up essential. Almost all of us always carry a lipstick in our bags before heading out, in case we eat away our lipstick with our burgers. But this can come in handy as a blush as well. Dab three dots of lipstick in an inverted triangle on both cheeks and blend… blend… blend.

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Eye Shadow
Unpopular opinion but if you’ve invested in an eye-shadow palette, you can totally use it as a blush. In fact, the range of colours that an eye shadow palette offers is so diverse, you’ll never run out of options.

All-Natural DIY
You can do this if you don’t trust store-bought blushes with your soft cheeks. One way to do it is by mixing beetroot powder with aloe vera gel and petroleum jelly or baby oil. Add a dash of rose water if the mixture is too thick, and apply. We recommend making a fresh one each time.

Well, there’s no rush to blush, so take your time and choose wisely!

 (Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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