Give your face the glow it deserves!

Facials have been an innate and important part not only skin care but also self care and stress relief. Don’t settle for just any facial, get the one that’s right for you! Here are some tips how.

Organic facial is the best for inflammed skin and is followed by a massage.

Problems like redness and severe pain are caused due to sensitive skin which is quite distressing. The facial specifically for this skin repairs it and reduces the redness.

Pure Oxygen facial helps tired skin to detoxify and restore your skin’s natural protective cover against pollution.

Gold facial is considered the best facials due to the fact that it contains 24 carat gold in it. The gold penetrates your skin easily to remove toxins and regenerate cells.

Fruits exfoliating facial for dull skin helps even out your skin and lighten the acne scars.

These treatments might sound a little indulgent but your skin deserves it and you want to do what’s best for it. Slurpe on the right things not gimmicks!

The listed facials can help you with fine lines and aging. What also really helps is sticking to the brand you feel is best for you.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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