Go timeless with these fashion tips!

Effortless and graceful are two words that come to mind when we think of timeless fashion. Timeless fashion has the ability to make one look relevant, regardless of what decade it is, and the French have certainly gotten it down to a pat. But for the rest of us trying to achieve the je ne sais quoi look- here are some rules to stick by.

Know what looks flattering on you

Wearing clothes according to your body shape shouldn’t dictate your closet, but it is a good place to start finding out what looks flattering on you. Flattering outfits are also the eons that highlight your best features. So if you’re proud of your long legs, flaunt them!

Don’t over accessorize

Less is more, always stick to sleek and clean pieces that enhance your outfit, not crowd it.

Invest in good quality pieces

Invest in the staples, a good base of versatile and classic pieces ensures you are never staring at your closet complaining about the fact you have nothing to wear.

Tailored pieces for the win

Oversized everything may be the trend, but tailored pieces ensure a polished and graceful look. However, one can still incorporate oversized clothing with layers and belts to create a tailored silhouette.

Don’t focus on trends

Don’t chase after trends and what’s IN in fashion. Pick pieces you enjoy from each season’s trend and incorporate them into your timeless closet. The point is to look effortless!


(Contributed by Nikhita H.)



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