Halloween Spook Fest: 5 Dreadful Boogeymen that haunt us!

From the jump you do when their abrupt presence scares you, even just on the screen, to their scary, empty eyes, Hollywood has given us our fair share of nightmarish ghouls and supernatural beings. This Halloween season let’s celebrate the monsters that make us cling tighter to blankets, squeeze our eyes, and keep the lights on. 

Here are the 5 most scary beings to haunt you this spooky season: 

Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): 

 A nightmare on Elm Street is the most perfect way to describe Freddy Krueger. How do you kill a spirit? How do you kill a dream? Freddy Krueger chases after his victims with his razor-sharp hands and almost undefeatable mortality. He is the nightmare that will make you want to never fall asleep or dream again. 

Jigsaw, Saw Series (2004-2017):

Imagine a life coach so effective yet unconventional that when he is done teaching you, you aren’t just glad and grateful to be life, you may also be missing a limb. That is the most pleasant way to describe Jigsaw, the teacher whose tests will be life-altering and terrifying.  

Babadook, The Babadook (2014):

Who is the monster under your bed? Who is the monster hiding in your closet? Can he be tamed or is he simply after your soul? All these questions are what you may ask when you open your eyes and find Babadook coming to grab you from your ceiling. Where will you run? For he will always find you. 

Samara, The Ring (2002 – 2017): 

When it comes to monsters and ghosts, you could call Samara the most polite of them all. She gives you a 7-day warning. You have a week to say goodbye to those you love, and to say thank you to who you owe gratitude. While she may be polite, she is rigid and inflexible. 7 days, and 7 days only. After that, you’re gone from the real world and into hers, which may just be and dark, decrepit well. Say your goodbyes now. 

It/Pennywise, It (1986 – 2019): 

A musical clown that dances when he sees you, nothing sinister about that. Unless Stephen King made this musical clown who also intends to dance over your grave. Like clockwork, he comes back every 27 years to terrorize Derry, Maine. Last seen in 2019, I think we’re safe — for now.  

The shadow in the corner of your eye, the creak at the end of your hallway, or the whispers you hear in the dark, could it be them?


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)



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