‘Hand’le with Care

Hands are one of the most crucial parts of our body and need just as much care as the rest of our body. But how much do we do for our hands? It is important that we keep them soft and supple and here are a few things you can try at home:

Salt and Warm Water
Salt and warm water is a great combination to clean your hand and make them softer. Salt acts as a disinfectant and the warm water seeps through the skin making it smooth and supple. 

Image source: unsplash.com

Warm Oil for Nails
Take a bowl of warm (NOT hot) oil and dip your fingers in it for 5 minutes. The oil ensures that the nails strengthen and don’t break easily. It could be olive or coconut oil or an oil of your choice. Once five minutes are up, take your fingers out and massage them thoroughly on your hands.

You can make a scrub for your hands by mixing butter or clarified butter or oil with sugar. Rub it across your palm and hands. It will help get rid of dead skin cells and give a clean and smooth texture.

Moisturising is necessary for all parts of your body but the hands are often neglected or get the residue lotion left on the palms after applying it to the rest of the body. It’s important to moisturise the hands with hand cream for your skin type. It is all the more important to moisturise your hands if you use a lot of soap.

Image source: unsplash.com

Cut, File, and Polish
Keeping your nails cut and filed is essential to avoid any sort of injuries regarding the breaking of nails. Nails can be cut and file in various shapes and styles. You can then keep the nails as it is or apply a coat of clear nail polish for a glossy look.

Nail Polish
This is completely optional although it adds a lot of glam. Please make sure to remove the previous nail polish (if you have any) before you add the fresh one. Always double coat to make the nail polish last longer. And, remove the polish with acetone when you sense it’s going to chip, don’t wait for it to chip.

So go ahead and try these simple yet effective DIY tips at home!

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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