Hero is back!

Produced by : Karan Johar 
Directed by : Rohit Shetty
Star cast : Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood, Ashutosh Rana 


Simmba is a Rohit Shetty commercial entertainer featuring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan. Bollywood is ending the year with Simmba and how! This action- drama packed film made us whistle, dance, cry, laugh all together, therefore we are sure that Simmba will be nothing less than a blockbuster.

If you are planning to watch Simmba this weekend, then here’s the list of five things you can look forward to:

The Ranveer Singh – Rohit Shetty Combination

Rohit Shetty is known as the King of Masala films and Ranveer Singh as the most natural entertainer, and rightly so. They are both very well aware of Bollywood and its extravagant drama, and they’ve used it very well to deliver an action-packed film. The director has used Ranveer’s talents to the fullest and the deadly combination is a masala entertaining match made in heaven.

The Gorgeous Sara Ali Khan

Back to back two films is no less than a treat for Sara fans. She has already impressed the audience and the critics with her acting chops in her debut film. In Simmba, we get to see a more glamorous version of hers. However, we wish she had a bigger role and more screen time.

The Bad Guy – Sonu Sood

The Chhedi Singh of Dabbang is back, this time as Durva Ranade. Though his Marathi was not convincing, the character he played certainly was. His body and his action sequences were bang on, making him look like a perfect Bollywood villain.

The Story

No matter how good the actors are, the real hero of the film is always the story. Simmba is not just another drama-filled Bollywood cop film, but it also has a message. Simmba speaks about rapes in India and how the rapist should be treated. As apparent in the trailer, the film takes a serious route and leaves you with mixed emotions.

The Background Scores  

The background score is captivating and runs through your blood and tickles your emotions. The movie is filled with many emotional and dramatic scenes, and they feel perfect because of the background score.

Simmba is packed with a lot of drama, action and revenge. It is an entertaining roller coaster ride with Ranveer in the forefront. After making a great start in the year with a blockbuster, he’ll be ending 2018 like a hero and not a zero!




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