Ice Ice Baby: Here’s why ice should be your best beauty buddy.

Our shelves, bags, and cabinets are all overflowing with products that are supposed to help us achieve the healthiest skin. The best skincare hack has been right under our noses all along! A simple cube of frozen water when applied to your face can do wonders for its health!

Here your 7 ways you can use ice to attain that healthy, supple skin: 

Soothe your sunburns: 

This one’s an obvious hack. Using ice cubes to soothe irritated and sunburned skin is the quickest way to have some much-needed relief.   

Exfoliate your skin naturally: 

Pour some milk into your ice tray and you can use it to naturally exfoliate your skin. Milk contains lactic acid which helps get rid of dead skin cells and is gentler for your skin as compared to harsher cosmetic exfoliators!

 Reduce the puffiness under your eye: 

Staying up late too much? Puffy eyes bothering you? Worry not, ice will save you! Rubbing some ice under your eyes will help get rid of the puffiness and tighten the skin around them at the same time!

Get rid of chapped lips: 

Applying ice to your chapped lips helps in reducing inflammation and making sure your lips are hydrated. But that doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water, make sure to keep yourself hydrated too!

Shrink your pores: 

Your pores cannot open or close but they can loosen and tighten themselves! Loose pores can allow dirt to cause irritation through your pores. Applying ice to your face after washing it will cause the pores to shrink due to the cold. 

Calm your acne: 

Before you reach out for all the acne products you can find, just open your freezer and apply an ice cube to your zit to help it shrink down. The coolness will reduce the irritation, making it smaller and easier to get rid of. 

Dry your nail polish quicker: 

Dunking your fresh coat of nail polish in a bowl of ice cubes will help to dry it quicker and avoid any annoying smudges! 

Who knew that the easiest skincare product would be right there sitting in our freezer?


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)


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