Kaanta Laga is still the best and will always be for me – Shefali Jariwala

Shefali Jariwala, who shook India in 2002 with her super hit dance number ‘Kaanta Laga’, is all set to make her acting debut in an adult comedy web series titled ‘Baby Come Naa’. Directed by Farhad Samji the web series will also feature popular Bollywood celebrities like Chunky Pandey and Shrayas Talpade along with the well known comedian Kiku Sharda. In this exclusive interview Shefali Jariwala opens up to Kirti Nerkar about her upcoming adult comedy!

How do you find Digital entertainment space?
The digital entertainment space worldwide is huge. It’s growing at a phenomenal rate in India. The entertainment industry in India is heading towards a digital future. With our country now on the midst of another revolution, the digital kind, it is the perfect platform to showcase ones work.
People know you as a dancer how much do you think they will accept you as an actor?
I have worked very hard to step out of my comfort zone which is dancing. And I am very positive about the response.I have always had a lot of love and support from my audience and I am very confident that they will continue supporting and encouraging me as I embark on this new path as an actor.
You had said once in an interview that you aren’t confident enough when it comes to acting. Are you confident now?
Dancing has always been my comfort zone. But after a point, it got monotonous. I felt the need to grow as as artist. Naturally acting was the next step. It was tough as I was more confident on stage, but I had to overcome this apprehension to feel more fulfilled.
I believe comedy is the most difficult genre. It’s tough to make people laugh. It’s not just reciting lines, but body language, sharp intuition of timing. I knew if I could pull this, it would bring a lot of much needed confidence.
Tell us about your upcoming web series.
Baby Come Naa is a 6 episode series for Alt Balaji which is the largest entertainment content provider in India.
It is their most ambitious show till date. It is an out and out comedy. There is not a single minute where the audience will not crack up. Can’t tell you more, you have to watch it to believe how funny it is.


What made you accept this project?
When Baby Come Naa was offered to me, the script was so mind blowing that I had to gather the courage to perform or it would have been my loss completely.
Besides the script, the whole set up was terrific. Farhad Samji, our director and actors like Shreyas Talpade, Kiku Sharda, Chunky Pandey, who are so seasoned, I knew there was much to learn from them all. And ofcourse a huge platform like Alt Balaji. There was absolutely no reason for me to not do it.
What took you so long to make this move?
All I can say is, it took me a while to drop my inhibitions. And I felt this time was right.
I was ready to grow and this was the perfect project and platform for me to show my acting abilities.
How was the experience working with ace comedians Chunky Pandye and Shreyas Talpade?
I must be honest I was initially very nervous. But they are all such great co artists. They went out of their way to make me comfortable. They gave me the tips I needed, rehearsed scenes with me and were so patient. And once I got into the grove of it, it was a mad house. It was an experience of my life working with them. I can’t thank my stars enough that my first stint as an actor was this fantastic opportunity.
What if you are offered a song similar to Kaanta Laga now?
I will never stop dancing. If a song like Kaanta Laga comes my way I will absolutely do it. Dancing is my first love after all.
Which is the best dance number today as per you?
I think Kaanta Laga was the biggest dance song ever. It topped the charts for five years straight. No album in the history of music has sold more than DJ Doll. So I think my song is the best and will always be for me.
Which Bollywood dancer do you admire?
I have always admired Sri Devi ji.
I am so inspired by her.
Her grace, her comic timing, her dancing, her talent. She is my super woman.
I really miss her.


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