Know your bags!

Bags are a chic way to add drama to your look and works as a perfect handy accessory.

Here are 5 different bags and how you can pair them differently.

1.Clutch bag

Clutch bags work best if your trying to look stylish for an evening out and you don’t want to carry multiple things. You can pair these bags with an evening dress or even a traditional outfit to carry your phone, chapstick and other essential items.

2. Sling bags

Sling bags are fun and chic accessories you can pair with any look be it casual or formal. These type of bags help carry limited items and keeps your hands free from holding anything.

3. Wrist bag

They are ideally small bags known to carry very few items, you can rest this bag on your wrist while your out and about your day. These bags work best for when your attending a wedding and don’t want to hold on to anything.

4. Tote bag

A tote bag is moreover a medium sized bag known to fit in everything that you need during the duration of your day and things that you can’t live without. These type of bags ideally work best for if your going out for a long day or are a working women, you can pair them with either casual or formal outfits.

5. Crochet bags

These bags are moreover hand-made and work best for a perfect sun outing brunch date where you want to look dainty and elegant. You can easily pair these up with dresses and look absolutely adorable for your brunch hour.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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