Know your Stiletto

Stilettos are gorgeous and add a fascinating allure to the wearer. But stilettos come in many styles and there’s a special one for every occasion and ensemble. Let’s help you figure out your kinds:

Stiletto sandals are possibly the most common. The heel is usually slim with a sleek strap in the front and a buckle around the ankle. Sandal stilettos look good with everything from sarees to jeans.Ankle Strap
Ankle Strap has been doing the rounds in the fashion industry for a while. Not only do the elegant straps across the heels look beautiful, but they also help in securing the feet to the shoes. Ankle strapped heels look the best with dresses and gowns.

Sling Back
Sling Heels have a strap attached to the back of the sandal which secures the feet as well as appears quite lovely. Slingbacks are a great combination with pants, jeans as well as dresses.


Cone Cone Heels are broader at the narrower at the base. Most stilettos are cone-shaped. Coned heels are quite an essential part of the formal wardrobe.

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Peep Toed Peep Toed stilettos look charming and are somewhat of a tease. Nicely painted toes are a must with this. Due to the versatility of peep toes, they look great with everything.
Cork High Cork High Heels gets its name from the cork which is used to make them. They look simple and quite lovely. Cork highs give a beachy vibe, although they may be hard to walk on the sand with. It’s quite a great choice for a cruise a beach photoshoot.

Boots Stiletto boots are perfect to glam up your winter wardrobe. In winters, when most of your beautiful pieces are hidden behind layers of clothes, stiletto boots can stand out and give you that fashionista look. Stiletto books look fabulous with trench coats, skirts, and stockings.

Mules If you’re one of those who doesn’t like to wear closed footwear, then these are for you. For anyone who likes slip-ons, mules are a perfect choice.
Cut out
Cut out Heels have different patterns cut out from them and look quite cool with a dress or even a simple top and a pair of jeans.
So, pick up the ones that suit your style. Which one is it then?
(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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