Libraries to explore in UAE

A library is a book lover’s paradise. Though the digital platforms are slowly changing our reading habits, there’s an undying charm these good old libraries behold. It’s the best way to transport yourself into a journey which lets you experience multiple realities. UAE highly promotes the importance of reading by providing it’s residents the ideal infrastructure and surroundings to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the best libraries in the country for every book lover!

1. Sharjah House of Wisdom, Sharjah
Sharjah gets an all new cultural identity with a redefined concept of library. It promotes reading and easy access to knowledge in the most contemporary setting. A home for books, ideas and also interactions. This modern-day knowledge hub is a mix of traditional and digital learning, making it a right choice for all age groups.

2. Al Safa Art & Design Library, Dubai
An uber-stylish structure that allows the readers to experience the joy of free reading with their open green spaces, glass building with ample natural light and also a space to hold meetings. This place is a creative oasis that serves as s benchmark to all the other libraries in Dubai.

3. Etihad Museum Library, Dubai
With over 3000 books covering all genres, Etihad Museum Library is a futuristic space with all the modern amenities and comfort. It is also equipped with an education centre, exhibition hall and a restaurant. It’s the perfect spot to brush up your literary knowledge!

4. Qasr Al Watan Library, Abu Dhabi
A walk into the heritage, Qasr Al Watan is one of the few presidential headquarters open to the public. It upholds and promotes the cultural values of Abu Dhabi. Its unique architectural style building set within a palace, makes it exciting for every reader to visit this spectacular library. It offers books, artifacts and manuscripts in multiple languages.

5. The Old Library, Dubai
The Old Library is the oldest library in Dubai with over 26,000 books and years of knowledge to share. It also emphasis on kids reading with a number of children’s books to offer. They are a home-grown name in Dubai and if you love books, this place is a must-visit!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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