Look your EYEconic best!

No make-up is complete until you do the eyes. The eyes are key to taking good make-up for great make-up. Since eyes hold so much importance, it is essential to get them right. Let’s show you how you can get them to look ‘eye’conic:

You can start by ensuring that the base is proper and in place. The skin tones may be uneven around the eyes. Additionally, dark circles can make the eye sockets look slightly hollow. In this case, a concealer will save your day. Dab some concealer underneath your eyes and blend it to look smooth and even-toned.

Next up is the foundation. Although it is typically a part of the base, it is important to apply some on the concealer to blend it further with the rest of the skin. A makeup sponge is ideal for the blend but if you choose to use your fingers, make sure it’s the ring finger and don’t press too hard.

brown and black makeup palette

Fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or some eyebrow powder or even eye shadow. If you’re one of the blessed ones with perfect eyebrows, you can even skip this step.

An eyeshadow does a lot for how you’ll finally look. It is the eyeshadow that can make a smokey-eyed look become a shimmery eyed look and so on. To apply the eyeshadow, start from the outside and go inwards. If you’re using two or more colours, start with the darkest and then go towards the lighter shades, and don’t forget to blend it well.
woman in gray shirt smoking cigarette

This step is completely optional. You can line the top lid of your eyes with eyeliner of your preference. The bottom lids or the waterline are best lined with kohl or pencil. You can leave it as it is if the lining isn’t your thing.

Eyelash curler
Curled eyelashes give them a longer appearance. Although this can totally be achieved with a mascara, an eyelash curler is a good investment for when you want to elongate your lashes with no makeup.

Completing the eye makeup with mascara is a must. Mascara makes the eyelashes look thick and dense. You can use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes in case your mascara lumps up. Even if you decide to skip all the above steps, a mascara can still make you look put together.


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