Masking Glory: What does your mask say about you!

A global novel virus that’s been keeping us closed in our homes for months now and it is rebuilding our relationship with government, to the outside world and even to each other. When this ends we will reorient our relationships and make new investments but somethings might remain unchanged for a longer time now and matching masks with the outfits is one of them.
Let’s discover what your mask says about your personality:

The ‘practical one’
Sporting a basic medical mask is your go to look whether it’s a traditional outfit or just a casual day out, you tend to have a very practical approach towards everything in life, you are the one who always keeps it real.

The ‘style diva’
No one was happier than you when the first big fashion brand Burberry released their own range of masks. The brand conscious in you was more relaxed than ever.

The ‘Fashionista’
You do not leave the house without the mask that goes best with your outfit. It’s important to follow the latest fashion trends and this one is not out of vanity but necessity, better match it and rock it!


The ‘bold one’
Always using fashion to put out strong narratives, you are the one who always does it way you like it. Whether it’s proclaiming your politics or supporting social causes you are using masks as your canvas and god it is working.

The ‘fun loving’
From printing famous memes to funny movie dialogues, you have a mask ready for every occasion that goes perfectly with your outgoing, gleeful personality which also lights up everyone’s mood in the room.


The ‘carefree’
If grabbing the nearest one is your first instinct you are the one amongst many. You are that easy going person whom we all need in our lives to calm us down a lot of times.

Wear your masks and stay safe!

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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